5SOS Comeback

Every 5 Seconds of Summer fan on the planet is freaking out right now because they have officially announced their comeback and honestly this is the best news I’ve heard in probably 87 years. 5SOS’ comeback has been a long time coming and even though it’s been three years since the 5SOS boys released any new music, the 5SOS fanbase is stronger together and are highly anticipating the upcoming album! Image result for 5sos 2018

Starting with their newest single, “Want You Back”, the song features their old emo-pop-rock sound while incorporating a new alternative style that will resonate with their fan base and mainstream radio will love. To give you more context in regard to the sound of the song, it sounds like a combination of a Paramore song mixed with a little bit of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. While all the boys typically sing on all the songs, lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, is mainly featured on this song and his rugged yet smooth voice shapes the song perfectly. “Want You Back” is the perfect song to add to any playlist ranging from “Summer 2018” to your “Get over them” playlist. Image result for want you back 5sos art

Even though there’s no official album release date, 5SOS have already released tour dates for 2018. The band is touring in tons of cities around the world in small venues to create a more intimate experience between 5SOS and their fans, which could be a good and a bad thing. Many fans have already complained about being put on a waitlist for a presale code for buying the tickets and having people who got the presale codes reselling the tickets at more than double the face value of the tickets. While this isn’t the 5SOS guys fault, fans can’t help but feel betrayed by them considering that they’ve waited 3 years for new music and a tour, fans who haven’t gotten tickets for this tour can still have hope that 5SOS will do an arena tour in the fall or in the summer of 2019.

But all this ticket drama aside, the 5SOS revival is everything we could’ve asked for and from the way their new single sounds, we can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like! Also make sure to buy and stream “Want You Back” on iTunes and Spotify! Image result for 5sos logo