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The 5 Hidden Gems in Boston That Every Student Should Know!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

When you think of places to visit in Boston, you often think of the major tourist attractions. Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, and The Boston Commons are just a few of the major tourist traps that Boston has to offer. But what a lot of people don’t know is that right around the corner from these bustling hotspots are some of the best places to walk around in the beautiful historic city of Boston, minus the hype of the crowds.

1. Charles Street – Beacon Hill

The first full day that my roommates and I spent exploring our new neighborhood after moving into our first apartment, I could not get over what I had been missing the past year of my life living in Boston. Even though we had lived in a dorm located on Beacon Hill, I was oblivious to what was within this area. Charles Street is basically a downsized Newbury Street, mixed with a little bit of that Cape Cod village-like hospitality. With restaurants, cute clothing boutiques, antique shops, and the small neighborhood convenience stores, Charles Street has quickly become one of my new favorite places to walk around in Boston.


Forget Sweet and Georgetown Cupcakes, CurlyCakes on Charles has some of the best flavors of cupcakes I have ever eaten, including a Chai cupcake that is seriously out of this world amazing. Be sure to checkout The Paramount for a delicious weekend brunch. While you’re at it, Crush Boutique has some amazing stuff if you are in the market for some new designer clothes and accessories!

2. Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park and Commercial Wharf – Faneuil Hall Marketplace/ North End

This is a more commonly known spot in the city due to its close proximity to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, but it is definitely one of my favorite places to walk around during the day or night. If you are looking for a spot to take pictures with your friends or grab a bite when your family comes to visit on parents weekend, this area of the city is definitely one of the best.

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It’s relaxing environment on the weekend makes it a great spot to go if you have reading to finish for your Monday 9AM, and equally serves as a prime location for procrastination. Last year, my friends and I walked over here and went on the merry-go-round instead of writing final papers during finals week…

Nicole Rosa Photography

Joe’s American Bar and Grill has a deck to eat on over the water during the warmer months, and Tia’s at The Marriot Longwharf is also a good restaurant to check out while in this area. On a warm fall afternoon, grabbing a frozen yogurt to go on your way over to the water is one of my personal favorite ways to spend the day before the cooler months come!

3. The Boat Docks on the Charles River

The esplanade has forever been one of the favorite spots for Boston residents; whether they are going for walks along the Charles, or bringing their kids to concerts at the Hatch Shell, it’s a must see place in Boston. Even though it is a hot spot for many Bostonian’s living in neighborhoods nearby, it remains just as quiet and family-friendly as it should be, with the exception of July 4th , when the Boston Pop’s and fireworks are in town.

Recently, my friends and I discovered that picking up some sandwiches and bringing along a towel to have a picnic on the boating docks on the Charles is an awesome way to chill out on a Sunday afternoon after a couple nights out in the city. We sat and watched crew teams finish up their practices, and then took some really cool pictures with the sunset. To any boys reading this please note: this would be a really cute place to go on a date!

4. The World Trade Center/Commonwealth Pier – Financial District

If you have experienced a freshman week at any of the Boston colleges, I am sure you have been to this area of the city to go aboard a Welcome Week Boston Harbor cruise ship for a night on the water with a bunch of your future classmates.


Right off of Atlantic Avenue, these piers are gorgeous to walk around during the day, and definitely come alive at night with a wide variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. A hidden gem in this area is the bakery in the Seaport Hotel. Last year the Seaport hosted Suffolk’s Winter Ball, and the desserts were unbelievable!

5. Rose Kennedy Greenway and Canal Fountain – North End/Haymarket

Anyone who is walking into the North End, with the hopes of coming out with a Mike’s Pastry box and a stomach full of Italian cuisine, must walk through this area of the city. But how many actually stop and take the time to walk around in this park? That is just what makes this location the ultimate place for any student looking for an outdoor space to eat lunch, do homework, or lay out in the sun in the summer.

This park is not only way prettier than the Boston Commons, but it is also much quieter. There are plenty of tables and benches to sit at if you are planning on getting some work done. If you are a student with an apartment in the North End, take advantage of this spot while the weather is still nice!

Name: Julie GrasseyMajor: Public Relations and JournalismAcademic year: 2015A lover of all things fashion, live music, Starbucks, photography, dancing, playing guitar, Cheez-its, and reading my daily horoscope, I am currently a junior at Suffolk University in Boston. Other than being a full time student and HerCampus contributer, I am also a blogger and campus representative for Rent the Runway, as well as an intern for the Boston Ballet! My goal is to move to New York City after graduation and get a job planning events or styling photo shoots for a major fashion magazine or designer. This is my second semester writing for the News and Blog section of HerCampus Suffolk!