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5 Habits to Pickup in College

1 – Make a coffee from home in a to go cup. I’m a caffeine addict like the majority of college students I know, so it’s important to me to have my cup or two in the morning. That said, on days when I’m rushing out of the house or have an 8 am and wake up late I tend to splurge on $5 coffee drinks more often. To cut back on this cost it’s best to make a coffee at home and take it with you on the go. Pro-tip: If you’re a tea drinker, bring your own tea bag to school and just fill up your to go cup with hot water for free! Get the one below, here!



2 – Completing your work before you go have a good time. College is full of things to say yes to, but it’s hard to enjoy the spontaneous day trip you and your friends are taking if you know you have a pile of homework at home. Make an effort to do your work as soon as you know it’s do, you will definitely stress less!  


3 – Carry some kind of snack with you during the day. As you go through classes you’re going to have different schedules on different days. Sometimes you get stuck with back to back classes that don’t leave much room for stopping by the school cafe before hustling up 9 flights of stairs because the elevator is too slow *cough cough* Sawyer… Having some kind of snack like a Cliff bar will give you some energy and help you stay focused in class, not feeling like you’re going to pass out.


4 – Explore your surroundings. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of doing nothing on weekends as a way to decompress from a high energy week, but you should be using your weekends to explore the amazing city you live in. Boston has so much to offer and you’ll never know what amazing restaurant might be around the corner if you never go around the corner!



5 – Take advantage of what your student card can get you. With your Suffolk ID you can go to the Museum of Fine Arts for free! If you have never been it’s definitely something to make a habit of if you enjoy art. There are lots of other benefits we have too, so check your email, or stop by the HUB to ask about them!

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