4 Tips on How to Nail Any Interview




1. Resume

It’s always good to have an up to date resume even if you are not currently on the market for a job or internship. Bring a hard copy to the interview, even if they didn’t ask because the interviewer may not have it on hand. Having an extra hard copy ready will make you look like you are well-organized and prepared!


2. Research

Before you even walk into the interview you should know a few things about the company and position you are interviewing for. That means going online and looking at the requirements of the position. When looking them over try to see which things you have done in the past so you are sure to mention them while in the interview. They may ask you questions about the company as a whole, so it is important to have a basic understanding of who they are, what they do and what you like about them. At the end of every interview they ask if you have any questions for them so it’s always good to have a few prepared. It restates your interest and will give you a clearer understanding of the position you are after.


3. The Day Of

Getting ready should be like any other day. Try not to think about it as to not stress yourself out. Play music or television to distract yourself. Dress professionally, it does not hurt to be overdressed but it can to be undressed. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and get to the interview early.

When you meet the person who interviewing you, make eye contact and speak clearly. Try and make answering the questions more conversational by telling stories that show an example of you utilizing a skill. If you get stumped on a question don’t freak out. Stay calm and admit you don’t know but are excited to learn. Being able to ask questions when you are unsure is a skill and not something to be embarrassed of.


4. Confidence

The most important part of any interview is confidence. It doesn’t have to be real and it’s ok to be nervous, but try and get gain some short-term confidence for the interview. No one knows you’re faking it other than you. Confidence will ensure a good first impression to an interviewer and allow your abilities to shine through in your interview.


Hopefully this advice helps you land an awesome opportunity. But do not get discouraged if you do not land one. There could be so many factor you do not know about that made one not work out. Whether you get it or not every interview is practice and will help you for your next one. Good luck!