4 Majorly Overlooked Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day


Walgreens has been plastered in pink since December 26th, and those who have sworn off love and all associating ideas have been recently running wilder as if it was a full moon. Maybe this is just like any other day for you, or maybe your heart is wrenching at the fact that it’s your first Valentine’s Day alone. Regardless, even to the “love-haters” and those sporting a steady black on black wardrobe to “match their soul”, the lovey-dovey yet otherwise irrelevant date in time can still have some benefits when looking at it with an optimistic ideology.


1.) Your mom has probably been trying to set you up with someone since the day you and your last boyfriend broke up and most definitely inquires about every boy in a tagged Facebook photo. However, she misses you as you’re off at school, and feels sorry that you can’t remember the last time you went on a formal date. Cue the over-packed, 20lb care package filled with every heart shaped box of candy and item packaged in red that she could find all over town. Win.

2.) Casual hookups and their million shades of grey (Not necessarily 50, unless that’s your thing) don’t need to be defined just because it’s the 14th day of the month. They aren’t expecting a text because of this, and they definitely don’t require an overpriced, last minute gift.  For once your semi-awkward, inconsistent and confusing fling finally benefits from having zero strings attached.

3.) As great as it feels to look put together every once in a while, you don’t have to feel forced to look extra special tonight. The only people you have to impress are either your girlfriends or your takeout delivery man. Neither of those will not text you back, call you stupid, or get angry when you happen to look at another male for more than .5 seconds.

4.) You have the chance to realize the fact that you’re value doesn’t have to be compared to the present you received. Are you not the worth diamond necklace? Did I receive carnations because my boyfriend secretly believes I’m more of a 7, while roses designate I’m a solid 9? Are you really supposed to compare the strength of your relationship to the high volume of reservations of the restaurant you ate at, or the amount of Insta likes of that picture you posted of you and your boyfriend, or maybe even said gift? Having a single Valentine’s Day (and maybe being single all together) allows you the opportunity to take a step back and appreciate your own best qualities and your overall value, rather than waiting around for the second week of February to see the quality of the present you receive.