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14 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long Distance Relationships


While it is apparent that the majority of young adults dislike Valentine’s Day (or only like it due to the decrease in chocolate prices come February 15th), for those in loving relationships this holiday can prove to be extremely memorable and special. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have our loved one by our sides that night. If you’re like me, dealing with yet another long distance Valentine’s Day and a constantly deteriorating bank account; cheap and creative gifts are the way to go. After countless hours of Pinteresting, receiving great ideas from my friends, and racking through my own brain, I’ve collected what I believe to be the 14 most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts (in no particular order) for your long distance relationship. Good luck!


1. Embrace your inner 90’s child and make your honey a mixed tape. Laugh all you want, but there are seriously fewer things more personal than collecting songs that are meaningful to the both of you and compiling them all on one CD. Then you can, and should, proceed to decorate the case.


2.  A scrapbook is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful gifts out there.  Decorate each page with pictures, quotes, stickers, ticket stubs, or even fast food receipts. The beauty of the scrapbook is that anything goes! So whether you’re the creative type or not, this is an easy yet effective gift for your better half.


3. Who says care packages are boring? Gift baskets with a certain theme are an adorable way to show your partner that you’re missing them this Valentine’s Day. Whether your theme is “Movie Night” with popcorn, DVDs, and candy or “Spa Day” with all of their favorite lotions and soaps, unique care packages are an easy way to show just how much you care. Or, for seriously zero dollars, you can send your love a “Heart Attack,” which is essentially an explosion of cut-out hearts, each with a memory written on them. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!


4. Hands down, this is my favorite gift on this list. For just $40 on Etsy, you can send your Valentine a PERSONALIZED VOICE MEMO POSTER. I mean, come on.  Click here to win the award for most thoughtful.


5. The worst part about long distance relationships is that texting tends to become your main way of communicating. Give yourself a break from the heart emojis and instead write a hand-written love letter. This simple yet incredibly romantic gesture will mean the world to your significant other. Or if you really want to go above and beyond, “Open When” letters are guaranteed to incite some tears.


6. Create a memory bank. Using different color Post-It notes, fill up a large mason jar with memories, things you love about your sweetheart, or reasons why you miss them. Make sure they only pull out one note per day to keep them occupied until the next Valentine’s Day.

7. One of the most rewarding aspects of long distance relationships is the excitement you feel when you are finally reunited with your darling. For just $13, you can purchase a countdown clock on Amazon here. You can even download a template that lets you customize the clock’s face.


8. Take a deck of cards and make a “52 Things I Love About You” book. On each card write something about your sweetheart that makes them so wonderful. This gift is the straight flush of Valentine’s gifts.


9. Did you know you could literally throw a stamp on a pillow and put it in your mailbox? Send your girlfriend/boyfriend a decorated pillow, with anything from a romantic quote or a map from where you are to where she/he is. Since they cannot cuddle with you this Valentine’s Day, this is the next best thing.


10. Two words: matching anything. From coffee mugs to corny t-shirts to silly boxers, there is comfort in knowing you’re sharing something with your significant other. It makes them somehow feel so much closer.


11. You can never go wrong with a framed picture of you two. Always remember to KISS: keep it simple, sugar. (That’s my boyfriend and me… hehe)


12. Just because you guys may be 800 miles apart doesn’t mean that you cannot go on a date! Spend your night facetiming your better half while both eating your favorite meals. Afterwards, you can even watch a movie together with an app called Synaptop. It’s basically dinner and a movie, but a helluva lot cheaper and you don’t need to get all dolled up.


13. Since your main form of communicating has turned technologic, make a book containing the best texts or emails you two have shared. DIY it yourself or check out www.memeoirs.com if you need a little help.


14. Stop being cheap, buy yourself a plane ticket, and go surprise your Valentine!! While it may be expensive, it is priceless. (This picture was taken when my Marine surprised me on Christmas Day, which was hands down the best moment of my life)