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10 Reasons You Should Be Following Chrissy Teigen on Social Media

If you don’t already, you need to follow Chrissy Teigen on every social media possible. This Sports Illustrated model, mother, and wife to John Legend takes on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter with her laugh-out-loud tweets and general life goals. If you really need to be convinced, here’s 10 reasons (of many) that you should:


  1. Her Instagram consists of generally three things: Her gorgeous modeling pics


She’s a Sports Illustrated Model with a hilarious personality and adorable daughter. Um, can I be you?


  1. Her ADORABLE daughter Luna

Luna had 8 halloween costumes last year. It’s not excessive if she looks SO SINKIN CUTE in every single one.


  1. Her and her husband John Legend slaying the red carpet

John’s voice is a gift from the heavens, so this it-couple makes many debuts and never fails to stun the cameras.


  1. Luna and Chrissy make the ULTIMATE mother-daughter goals.

I wouldn’t mind being that 11 month old.


  1. She calls out trump all the time and its great.

Her commentary on the election was the best one I’ve ever seen.


  1. I mean, she has a streak going with it.

She knew he was bullsh*t before we did.


  1. She prepped for the Grammys the best possible way.


Only Chrissy, only Chrissy.


  1. She live Snapchatted and Tweeted all her drunken endeavors from the Grammys.

She’d make the best drinking buddy ever.


  1. Next day, hung-over Chrissy called everyone out on their commentary of said drunken endeavors


But for real, it was adorable.


  1. But let’s face it, they really are goals.


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