What We Do (and Don't) Miss About School Days

Do you have something you miss about elementary school that you wished could still happen today, like naptime? Or, something you're glad you don’t have to go through anymore like school dances? So do we! Here’s a list of 10 things we do (and don’t) miss about school!

We do miss naptime!

Ah, the sweet, sweet naptime of preschool! Don’t we all wish there was a set time for all university students where we could stop what we were doing, grab a blanket and take a nap?  Make this happen, administrators!

We don't miss bullies!

Although bullying will never completely leave you, it definitely happens the most while you're in middle and high school. With the insults, lost lunch money and bruises, we are glad that stage of our life is over with! Thankfully, university is a lot more accepting of others and we love to embrace our differences.

We don't miss school dances!

Alright, maybe some school dances were fun, but for the majority of them, it was Awkward City! There always ended up being at least one girl crying in the bathroom (if you were unlucky, it might have been you). We can't forget the slow dances - if a slow dance came on, you either had a person to dance with, you stood awkwardly on the dance floor, or you made a beeline for the wall!

We do miss walking into the classroom and seeing a TV!

Remember walking into class one day and seeing the roll-in TV sitting at the front of the room? The instant you saw this, you knew it was going to be a good day (especially if it was Bill Nye day in science class)!

We don't miss middle school relationships!

In elementary school they were cute, but once you were in middle school the drama started! Even though we were so young, we thought we were completely in love with the other person - oh, how innocent and naïve we were! We had so much drama when we were in love; we’d break up over every little problem! Good thing we’ve matured now... right?

We do miss lockers!

Although walking around campus with everything you need in your backpack is convenient, it becomes overwhelming if you have multiple textbooks and classes one after another! Maybe one day we'll cave and pay the money to rent a locker on campus.

We don't miss waking up early!

Even though some of us still have to get up early on the weekdays, most of us are thankful that we no longer have to go to school at 7:30 AM!

We don't miss the dress code!

We girls suffered because of the dress code during the summer months. With the “no tank tops” rule and nothing shorter than your knees, it seemed ridiculous! Especially the “two finger” head band rule that my own school had when I was younger. University students have the freedom to wear what they want, and you don’t see any of them walking around in a belly top and short shorts!

We do miss recess!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had our own adult-sized playground, complete with a big slide, monkey bars and swings? No? Well, we definitely do!

We do miss our old friends!

Being with the same friends for the majority of your school years is easier for you in school when you know the people around you. Sadly, once people go off to university, some friendships fade. We miss you, childhood friends!