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What To Do on a Snow Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at STU (CA) chapter.

These past few weeks have given us terrible weather and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon! Sure, it’s been a plus for those couple of snow days when classes were cancelled, but other than that, the weather has been a hassle! What can you do when you’re stuck at home? Try some of these to brighten your snowy day!

1. Catch up on some reading

For those who love to read, do it! Now that you have all this free time to yourself, why not catch up on some much-needed “you time” and set your mind free in a good book you’ve had hidden on your shelf for a while!

2. Have a movie or TV show binge day

Go ahead and watch an entire season of your favourite show on Netflix. Or maybe re-watch the entire Harry Potter series. Why? Because you can! You have all this free time so sit back, relax and binge!

3. Get cooking!

You have a kitchen and some time on your hands, so how about cooking something you’ll enjoy? It’s the perfect way to divert your attention and put some effort into something delicious! You can even make yourself a treat like a batch of cookies or a pie – something that’ll make the day faster and tastier!

4. Clean your space

For some of us, we can’t just sit and do nothing when we’re stuck in the house! Personally, I can’t help but clean. Crank up the music, bust out the duster and get to scrubbing! At the end of the day, you’ll feel good that you did something productive and your house is finally clean!

5. Have a nice, long bubble bath

Nothing is more relaxing on a cold day than having a hot bath with lots of bubbles! To make it feel even cozier, make a mug enjoy of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

…Now I’m craving hot chocolate and a bubble bath!

6. Take a midday snooze

Nothing makes the day go by faster than catching some Zs! Wake up feeling refreshed after some of that much-needed extra sleep! After all, it’s your day off from the craziness of classes.

7. Try a new scene!

Sometimes looking at the same things in the same spots for so long can be a drag! Turn your space around by rearranging some furniture to give your room a fresh look. Doing something so small and simple can make a huge difference to how your room looks and how you feel as well!

8. Have a friend’s day

Anything you do alone can be enjoyed a hundred times more with friends! Have a winter potluck, do a group movie marathon or a board game tournament. Or, brave the snow and go sliding!

Whatever you do while being snowed in this season, enjoy it!

2nd year student at STU! I love to write, watch movies, listen to Kpop, be with friends and shop! I am currently studying Journalism.