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Travel Blogger: What I Learned in Europe, Part 2

Good day Collegiettes! I hope you have had some wonderful adventures since we last met! This time around we’re going to explore Brussels, a city in Belgium!

Brussels is a beautiful city in Belgium – it’s also the largest and the official capital. It’s home to a number of European Union buildings, and the headquarters of the North America Treaty Organization (NATO). Most of these buildings are found in the square pictured below.

The Square during the day. The city was doing construction, so they put up a huge mural of what the building will look like instead of having all that construction equipment out in the open.

Here’s the “Peeing Boy of Brussels.” It’s the most famous image in Belgium, and perhaps one of the most recognized in Europe.  You can get corkscrews, t-shirts, paperweights and pencils with this little guy on it!

Here’s an important travel tip! No matter how quirky or strange, make sure you take the time to find the mascot or most known thing about the city or country that you’re in!

Why hello there!

Belgium is of course known for its chocolate, and Brussels is proud of that fact! You literally cannot walk a block without running into a chocolate shop. In my expert opinion, one should never walk past a chocolate shop!

This is Little Delirium, a daytime café and nighttime pub that has a second location down an alleyway two blocks away. The second location is a mostly underground bar that serves over 3,000 flavors of beer! Raspberry, strawberry, cookie dough, mint and lemon… just to name a few!

Another travel tip is don’t go to bed early! Explore the city at all hours on the clock – some of the best moments happen after-hours!  You’ll learn more than you ever would if you’d had a full eight hours of sleep!

Now you’ve seen what Brussels has to offer (and you can start planning your summer adventure!) Next time we’ll explore the great (but over-talked about) city of Paris! Travel on my wayward daughters!

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