Take Back the Night: Yes, All Women

On Friday night, women of all ages - plus a few men - gathered in front of City Hall to stand up for themselves and to prove they could walk the streets without any fear.

Take Back the Night, is a worldwide movement, where women and children march in solidarity and protest. The march is meant to call attention to the alarmingly high rates of sexual assault and sexual violence directed towards women. The Frederiction march is held by the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre.

As coordinator Jen Gorham describes, Take Back the Night started back in Europe by women’s movements. They were women who were tired of being attacked, yelled at and “cat-called" by other men.

“I hope every year is going to be a great turnout. I’m hoping women who have been in that situation, come out and enjoy themselves,” says Gorham. This is the 39th year that Take Back the Night has taken place in Fredericton.

“This year, our theme is, 'Yes, all women!' …Which is a backlash response to, 'No, not all men.' Next year is the 40th anniversary, so maybe we will plan something bigger.”

The night started out with everyone gathering in front of City Hall, waiting until it was time to leave for the march. The women followed onto the streets of Downtown Fredericton, while the men stayed behind for a workshop on how to prevent violence against women.

Devin Goodine, who has been attending the march for over five years, says he enjoys coming and supporting the women.

“I was once in those kinds of situations myself. Being a female to male Transgender has allowed me to see both sides of this march. I love how the women go and the men stay behind. It shows that yes, women can walk on their own and yes, they are powerful without the help of any man.”

It’s been a long time coming for women, we have faced many obstacles to get where we are today. With the help of volunteers, like those from the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, all the tough situations that women are put through will hopefully come to an end.