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Surviving Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at STU (CA) chapter.

It seems like everyone is always writing about how to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re single. But, what about those who are in a relationship but can’t see their significant other face-to-face on this the most romantic day of the year?

Trust me when I say, it’s not that bad! I’m here to give you some long-distance Valentine’s Day survival tips!

Love letters

If you can, write your significant other a long hand-written love letter (or five) to show them how much you love them. Not only is this a very non-costly thing to do, it’s also super sincere and will be something you can hold onto for years to come. Plus all of us Dear John fans know just how powerful letters can be, am I right ladies?

A digital date

Even if your significant other is in the military (living in a city so close to a military base can be tough!) or if they just live far away, a Skype or Facetime date is a great idea. Try watching a movie simultaneously, sharing a candle-lit dinner, or just stay up all night talking until one of you falls asleep. As long as you have that connection to each other, it’ll make you feel a little less lonely this V-Day.

Unwind with your song

For me, nothing is more relaxing than a nice bath, a glass of wine, and some good music. Sink back into the aroma of your favourite bath products, or buy some organic bath salts or bath bombs from The Shamporium in Kings Place for an instant mood-booster. Light some candles and make a playlist full of songs that you both love. It will help you relax and remember the good times you’ve both had together (and all that’s to come)!

A Netflix binge

Long-distance relationship or not, we all have that one TV show we could watch all day long. Whether it’s a Friends marathon (I am so guilty of bingeing on this one) or just some of your favourite movies, you need to have a good binge on something to take the edge off. Again, crack open a bottle of wine or order a pizza (right now, Pizza Twice is my go-to) while you curl up in bed. After all, it’s not really a true Netflix binge if you’re not in bed!

Hang out with your girls

Just because you can’t have your S.O. for V-Day, doesn’t mean you can’t have your girls! So, grab them all and go out for a V-Day girl’s night out! Just be sure to tell your S.O. – because the worst thing you can do to someone, even if they’re far away is go MIA.

Have a great Valentines Day, whether you’re single, together, or loving each other from a distance!

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