Style On Her Own Terms

First-year STUdent Anna Hay isn’t one to spend an hour in front of a mirror endlessly trying to find the perfect look. Yet she still always walks out the door looking fabulous! She finds the best style, one that looks effortless but still fashionable and loves the look of high-waisted jeggings.

You can find Anna combing the racks at stores like H&M and Urban Planet, but she also likes putting together outfits from thrift stores like Value Village and Bibles for Missions. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend 30 dollars on a new shirt to look great!

While Anna admires celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, when it comes to fashion she refuses to always try and wear the lasted trends if they’re not comfortable.

“I just refuse to be uncomfortable and also refuse to wear sweatpants,” she says. “Don’t wear anything you’re uncomfortable in, ever. You’ll feel unhappy and awkward all day and it will show, no matter how cute it is on the hanger.”