Rebecca Ferris: Doing It All

If you haven't met Rebecca Ferris yet, you will!  This third-year political science and international relations major is the Vice President of Student Life at STUSU, an RA at Rigby Hall, and as expected, is totally involved in life at STU.  We caught up with Rebecca for a Q&A - here's what she had to say:

Can you tell us about your role as VP Student Life?

Basically, my role is to efficiently provide services to students and organize events that are beneficial to students. Services include yearbook, emergency bursaries, the help desk and events. I work with a team of STUSU employees to ensure that students have a healthy and fun year!

You're also an RA, how do you balance the two jobs, plus classes?

I can’t emphasize this enough; time management. If I didn't write down assignments/meetings/reminders, I wouldn't get anything done. I also could not accomplish anything without my RA teammates and Residence Life Members as well as my fellow Student Union executives and the rest of the Student Representative Council. I’m so lucky to work with so many dedicated people and am able to call them my good friends.

In your platform for last year's election, you talked about how you wanted a greater emphasis on student mental health, which was brought up with this term's mental health awareness week. Why was this cause so important to you?

This is a cause that is important because of its impact on students’ lives. Everyone has mental health and it is just as important as one’s physical health. Through addressing issues of stigma surrounding mental health and providing information about services that students have access to in order to help with whatever issues they may have relating to their own health, I hope that my work has a had a positive impact up to this point.

Is there a particular event or activity you are especially proud of organizing this semester?

I honestly can’t decide! I am so excited that I was able to work alongside UNB’s counselling services and Students’ Union as well as STU’s counselling services and other partners to bring Mental Health Awareness Week. I am also proud of being able to help with events like the Movember Dodgeball Tournament and Winter Formal. The Formal has always been my favourite event to attend but I’m glad that I was able to contribute to it once again this year.

Can you tell us about any events in the works for next term?

Nothing has been set in stone but I do want to work with my Positive Mental Health Committee to organize events focusing on de-stressing so keep an eye out for updates in the following semester!

Besides STUSU and RA-ing, what do you enjoy doing for free time?

I really like spending time with my friends. This time of year is extremely busy but it’s nice to just take an evening and relax with people you care about.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to run for a STUSU position in the spring?

This job can be demanding at times but it’s also a fun and rewarding position! If you are interested in running for Vice President of Student Life, or any executive position, I encourage you to contact me with your questions. Being involved with the Students’ Union is a great opportunity and this position is one that people should really consider running for if they want to become more involved with directly contributing to daily student life.