Psi Lambda Phi: Frat Bros?

We've all heard the stereotypes surrounding fraternities: that 'frat boys' are notorious for being wild, drinking and partying irresponsibly.  Is all of this true, or is it just another Hollywood invention?
This year, the Psi Lambda Phi fraternity popped up at STU. Psi Lambda Phi was founded in April of this year by student Andrew DeMarco. I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the brothers at their first Rush Week event, and got to see if fraternities are really as wild as they are in the movies.
"I started Psi Lambda Phi because I wanted to be part of something that will still be around when I'm gone and make lifelong friends in the process," says Andrew. "Not only do I want brotherhood to last a lifetime, but I want to ensure those who come after me have the same opportunity."
Fraternities involve their members socially, academically, and in philanthropy.  Even after graduating, brothers stay in contact with each other, often staying friends for life.
I quickly found that these guys aren't like the ones we're used to seeing in films like Neighbors and The House Bunny.  Psi Lambda Phi brothers are actually friendly, responsible and welcoming. As a matter of fact, Psi Lambda Phi has strict rules when it comes to drugs and alcohol; all brothers must be drug free, and Rush Week is a dry week.
After Rush Week, any events with alcohol are invite-only, and alcohol is brought by individuals and not provided by the fraternity. Unlike 'typical' frat parties, not everyone gets blackout drunk - Psi Lambda Phi instead appoints has 'sober brothers' who do not drink and are responsible for all the brothers that do.
As for the 'dumb jock' archetype?  It doesn't exist here! Brothers have to have, or show improvement towards a GPA of 2.5 to stay in the fraternity!
Psi Lambda Phi brothers try to enforce a sense of community - shall we say, brotherhood - in their group.
"It's all about meeting other like-minded people and connecting with those people," says member Jeremy Keats.
Jeremy says that the fraternity largely focuses on improving yourself while having a good time with your brothers.
A good time starts with Rush Week, where potential new members are welcomed into the fraternity.  After Rush, Psi Lambda Phi plans to hold even more Greek Life events, and collaborate with STU sorority Pi Alpha Gamma.
Frat bros they aren't - at least, not the ones we're used to seeing.  These are frat boys who come together to boost their academics and raise money for charity, all while making friends for life.
Says Rush Chair Matt Marr, "Psi Lambda Phi is all about supporting one another."
To learn more about Psi Lambda Phi, visit their website here.
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