Nelofer Pazira: What's The Real Story?

"You should remove the scarf from your neck and wrap it around your head." Can you imagine a stranger saying this to you for your own protection? Can you believe someone would tell you this to blend in, for fear that you would be kidnapped? This was all a reality for journalist, filmmaker and human rights activist, Nelofer Pazira, when she covered the tension in the Middle East.

On Thursday night, she addressed a crowd in the Kinsella Auditorium at St. Thomas Unversity, telling her story and her life as a journalist. Nelofer was chosen as this year's annual Dalton Camp recipient for her many years of dedication to not only the journalistic world, but for her charitable heart and her big break on the big screen.

Nelofer grew up with her family in Afghanistan, eventually making her way to Pakistan and then finally settling in New Brunswick. She has earned degrees in both journalism and English literature, as well as a masters in anthropology, sociology and the religion of Canada.

Unlike previous Dalton Camp personalities, Nelofer isn't just known for her journalism. In 2001, she starred in the film Kandahar, which was based her journey back to Afghanistan. She has also received many awards for her journalistic work, as well as her charity work.

Nelofer is a role model in the journalism world, espically to the women in that world. Travelling to third-world countries and facing many obsticles with a brave face, she admits that there is a secret to it all.

"Blend in. Dress down as much as you can, you don't want to attract any attention, if you look plain, you won't get noticed," said Nelofer.

A big part about being a woman, is standing up for yourself and what you believe in. By going back to her roots and facing what she faced and keeping her head up high, Neloferhas recieved the story and has asked the big questions. This, she says is what all journalist need for success. They need to ba able to ask those tough questions.

She says that not shying away from the truth is one of the keys to her success and the sole reason many journalists make it in this world. It's how they get the real story.