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The Life of a Girl in 2006

Your clock radio goes off bright and early at 6:30 a.m.  Ugh, why does middle school have to start so early?

You’ve got to pick out something to wear.  Luckily, your dad just got back from a business trip, and you forced him to pick you up a shirt from Hollister while he was there.

School bus rides are the worst.  Thank God you’ve got some sweet tunes on your new iPod Nano.  You’ve been dying to listen to the new Akon track that just dropped!

Your excitement fades when you realize your cool iPod is nothing compared to the pink RAZR phones your friends all have.  Why can’t mom and dad stop being so lame and let you have a cell phone like everyone else?  Ugh, life sucks sometimes.

Your first class of the day is silent reading.  You’ve been so into the Clique books, but you think you’re getting a little too old for them.  Maybe it’s time you stole your big sister’s Gossip Girl books?

You’re just sitting down to read about Massie and the girls, when suddenly the guy you’ve been crushing on looks your way.  Maybe he noticed those awesome Dance Dance Revolution moves you had in phys. ed yesterday!

Unfortunately, he’s dating someone else.  You know this because his MSN messenger status is “ILoveUSoMuchSarah.”  Barf.

Lunch hour comes along and you’re hanging with your BFFs.  Ever since you saw Napoleon Dynamite, you and your friends have been quoting it on the daily.

You suggest that your group all learn the Napoleon dance and perform it at the school talent show.  You’ve just taken it too far.  Can this day just end already?  You want to get home so you can get all your homework done before Top Model comes on TV!

You finally get home after literally the longest hour of social studies in your life.  You tell your mom you’re going to do your homework, but really you’re just going to watch MuchOnDemand.  Wouldn’t it be so cool to be in the audience and see Avril or Rihanna in person?

You’ve been wasting so much time that you don’t even realize it’s almost 9:00!  Mom says you have to be in bed the second after Top Model’s over.  Seriously, mom?  I’m 13, that’s practically an adult.

To be fair, you are feeling pretty tired.  You collapse into bed, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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