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The latest selfie fad is not only charitable – it can get pretty steamy, too.          

The Instagram hashtag ‘C*ck in a Sock’ is a compilation of men taking selfies completely nude with only a sock to cover their… erm, manhood. This craze is part of another social media effort to raise cancer awareness – testicular cancer to be exact – and to promote donations to cancer research.

The photos began surfacing in the UK following the ‘No Make-up Selfie’ challenge, which also began in support of cancer research.

“I see the value in it, but many will not,” said St. Thomas student Sheryl Doiron. “They’ll be automatically turned off by it. But, non-prudish women will just love it. It is for a good cause.”

While #C*ckInASock has good intentions, people are always going to give you flack. Some are calling the movement a ploy, claiming that they are making a spectacle of cancer research and looking for another way to show off their physical appearance and gain social popularity.

In reality, women have been showing off their bodies for years, and often not for any societal benefit. It only becomes a problem when men want to bare it all. If a woman gets naked for any reason whatsoever it’s fine but if a man does it he wants attention? I beg to differ.

St. Thomas student, Mitchell Syvret-Caplin believes that while raising awareness can be beneficial, this movement is not reaching the male demographic effectively.

“Even though it seems like it’s for a good cause, sometimes people tend to steer away from the true meaning behind it and just do it for fun,” said Mitchell. “There are other ways that awareness could be brought forward.”

Whatever the case, the cause is real and the men in support are brave and dreamy. There is nothing wrong with using social media to promote a cause. Why not? Everyone is going to see it. 

Whether they see it and keep scrolling, or they see it and feel inspired, turned on, or whatever the case may be, it’s out there. It’s the age-old saying – if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Recently, Instagram removed then reinstated the #C*ckInASock selfies. For about a week, Instagram refused to post these photos that originated on their site. The creators of Instagram have since realized the movement holds the best intentions and do not intend to offend.

Testicular cancer is very common but highly treatable. The #C*ckInASock movement is to promote men getting regular check-ups and encouraging them to preform self-checks regularly.

Beneficial cause aiding society, or cheap ploy for attention to show off your body? You be the judge!

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