Exam Week at STU, As Told By Disney Characters

So, it's exam week at STU.  Maybe you have a few to study for.  So, after you drink your last whiskey sour and come home from Last Class Bash, you resolve to study hard all week.  Unlike last spring, where you slacked off and barely passed.  This time, you're motivated!  Heck, you're excited!  This is your year!

Not even an hour passes and your attention starts to dwindle.  Maybe a short break is in order.  You decide to call up your bestie and ask if they want to order pizza.  It's exam week - you're totally allowed to cheat on your diet.

One thing turns into another, and suddenly a couple hours of pizza has turned into an all-night heart-to-heart.  The stress has kicked in.

You wake up the next morning totally mad at yourself.  That's it, you say.  The real work begins now.

After skimming through everything, you're left with a dilemma.  Your gender studies exam is in two days, but you realize you've totally been zoning out in criminology all year.  Time to decide what's more important.

In your desperation, you turn to your classmates whom you haven't spoken to all year.  One guy says he has notes for every crim class this semester.  Who is this guy, anyway?

Crim notes in hand, you decide it would be better to get out of your room and study somewhere different.  You park yourself at Second Cup for the afternoon.  But, what's this?  People are being way too loud!  Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to hold a business meeting right next to your table?

A few hours in and you realize you're studying aimlessly.  Maybe checking Moodle will help give you some focus.  You log in and check the study guide.  Wait a minute.  There's a ton of stuff on here that you've never seen before.  And it's not in your borrowed study notes either.

So, you've got 48 hours to teach yourself something completely new.  Bring on the espresso.

48 super-caffeinated hours later, and it's the morning of your crim exam.  All you want to do is sleep, but you know you have to power through at least three more hours.  Better grab a XXL double-double from Tim's before you start.

You decide you're going to write this exam fast and furious.  Are your answers right?  Do they even make sense?  At this point, you don't even care.

Finally, you emerge from the classroom.  You did it!

Exams behind you, it's time to do what you really want... sleep!

Good luck on your exams, collegiettes!