Christina Murray: Not Your Average Pageant Girl

Many of us are used to hearing the phrase “you can’t do it all.”  Obviously, someone forgot to tell Christina Murray!

“I’ve been told I’m one of the most random people ever,” says the 19-year old St. Thomas student.

Christina is a contestant in the Miss Canada Collegiate pageant.  If victorious, she will represent Canada at the Miss Collegiate America pageant in Orlando, FL.

Christina, a native of Moncton, NB, says she sees herself as an average university girl.  She’s no stranger to the pageant scene – she’s already competed in two pageants before discovering Miss Canada Collegiate.

Miss Canada Collegiate isn’t your typical beauty pageant (Toddlers & Tiaras stereotypes be damned!).  Criteria is based on the contestant’s character and community involvement.  Though there is a fashion and evening gown portion, you won’t see any talent shows or swimsuits.

“A lot of people assume all pageants are beauty pageants and assume I’m kind of shallow for wanting to participate,” says Christina.  “Pageants like Miss Canada Collegiate allow girls and young women the opportunity to gain social skills, confidence and self-esteem.”

Outside of pageantry, Christina says her interests vary far and wide.  She says she takes her education very seriously – she’s already set to graduate early with her Communications major.

Somewhere between pageants and school, Christina also finds time to cheerlead, keep up with politics, and see her friends.

In the days leading up to the pageant on August 17th, Christina’s been focused on finding the perfect fashion and evening gown looks, and dreaming about what she’ll do if she wins the title.

The winner of Miss Canada Collegiate will work with the anti-bullying program The Crown C.A.R.E.S.

“I really want to take advantage of speaking in schools and public events about bullying, but I would add a focus on mental health and self-esteem in there as well,” says Christina.

She says if she wins, she’ll use her title to make an impact in the STU community, and eventually across the country.  Christina says she wants to focus on teaching the next generation how to deal with mental health issues.

“By learning positive ways to deal with and overcome these things, children can grow up strong and healthy,” she says.  “And hopefully they won’t have to feel as much stress and insecurity like we do today.”

The 2015 Miss Canada Collegiate Pageant takes place in Saint John, NB on August 17.  Click here to see the full roster of contestants.