Campus Style Star: Emily L'Oiseau

Emily L'Oiseau: Style with an Edge

Major: English and Sociology

Style icon: Mostly just my friends. I have friends in Halifax, like Saige and Martina that I look up to and here I look up to Scott Debow and Angel Williams.

Other style influences: Tumblr, and a website called Look Book [].

Favourite stores: Value Village and H&M

Favourite clothing articles: Leather jackets. I own five, all in different colours.

What does fashion mean to you? Self-expression and visual art that you can do everyday.

How would you describe your style? A little bit punk, a little bit bohemian and on occasion, boy’s clothes and vintage.

First-year student, Emily L’Oiseau has a unique vintage style of her own. The white collared shirt underneath a baggy knitted sweater gives off a classic comfy feel. Whereas her cute skull leggings tucked into red combat boots gives her outfit a modern punk edge. Emily adds just enough accessories to make the outfit pop with a cameo necklace and her minimalist earrings. Finally, her daring makeup and turquoise hair keeps her style creative and bold, and a look few can pull off!