Brandon Ramey '16

All the way from Goose Bay, this week’s Campus Cutie is none other than third-year St. Thomas student Brandon Ramey. After talking to him earlier this week, it’s not hard to tell what (or who!) this Campus Cutie is interested in.


Criminology and journalism.


Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador

Relationship status:


What brought you to STU?

Criminology and Oscar Baker.

How would you describe the perfect date?

Sitting on a couch, eating caramels and telling jokes.

If you could be any super hero, who would you be?

The Flash!

What song best describes you?

Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice, because I want to be a kid again.

If you could be in any movie, what one would you be in and why?

Divergent, because I would get to act with the beautiful Shailene Woodley.

Say that the zombie apocalypse is happening. Name five things you would take with you to safety.

I would take my poster of One Direction, Campbell's chicken noodle soup, a knife, onions, and garlic.

If you could go to dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would love to take Shailene Woodley out to lunch!