5 Things You Need To Do Before You Leave For Summer

With the school year coming to an end there are so many things we students have to worry about. Not only are you most likely leaving the place you’ve called home for the past eight months, but you’re also leaving behind people, jobs and your schoolwork.

Here are five must-do things before you leave university for the summer!

1. Make a packing list, double-check your room, and then triple-check it

Nothing is worse than coming home after a trip and realizing that you forgot to repack something! Make sure that you get everything out of your room when you’re leaving, because it can be hard to get it back when residence is locked, you’re subletting, or you just don’t live near your college town.  Making lists of the things you absolutely can’t forget and all the extras will make your move much easier. Before you leave, go through your room or apartment again to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. It never hurts to do a triple check!

2. Say goodbye to all of your friends, even if you’re not that close

You’re going to be going four months without seeing many of the people that you met over the school year. Whether they’re your best friend or just an acquaintance, try to say goodbye to as many people as you can. As the months go on in summer, you’ll find yourself missing them! Besides, it makes for a nice memory. Who knows, some may not be returning to your university the next year or you may be in completely different circles next year. Try to get their phone numbers or add them on Facebook if you haven’t already so that you can stay in contact over the summer!

3. Plan your workload for next year

Just because you’re not going to be in school for four months, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking about next year. Course registrations usually happen within the last month or so of school, so be sure to sign up for classes so you won’t miss out on the ones you want! If you’re in your first year, this would be a good time to try and figure out what you will be declaring as your major and looking into any scholarships that you’re eligible for! This will help take out the stress of figuring it out during your time off!

4. Figure out what you’re going to do for work!

If you have a job in Fredericton, make sure to let them know with plenty of time that you’ll be leaving for the summer and see if you can continue work in September! Many employers will let you take the months off, but make sure to confirm with yours. If you’re planning on working during the summer, make sure to start applying and have everything set out for when you get home! No one wants to spend half the summer searching for a job.

5. Prepare for the changes that the summer and new school year will bring

As you go from one school year to another, not everything will be the exact same. You’ll meet new people in different classes and become more focused on your major. Some of you may not be returning to school at all! It’s best to realize that you’re probably saying goodbye to who you were this past school year. As cheesy as it sounds, pursuing a post-secondary education is when you find out who you “truly are” and change. When you go home for the summer, a lot of your old friends will have probably gone through as many changes as you have. You may or may not be in the same mind-set about the future now, but that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to take the next steps in your life!