5 Budget-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just one of those holidays that seems to bring out the little kid in us all. Unfortunately, you’re a little too old to go trick-or-treating and even if you tried now you’d probably end up with some strange looks and a lot of doors in your face.

But hey, you can still attend Halloween parties! And the best part? You don’t even have to go door-to-door in the freezing pre-winter weather. There’s just one catch. You need a costume and you’re low on cash. Such is the broke, penniless life of a student. Luckily, we here at Her Campus STU have got your back. You can thank us later.

Google Maps

Cost: $5.00 - $10.00

What You’ll Need: Red poster board, sharpie, yellow duct tape, and a solid gray shirt.

To Maximize the Look: Bring a buddy to be your A destination, and see if you can get someone to be a car en route.



Cost: $5.00

What You’ll Need: Rubber snakes from the Dollar Store. If you’re going for a modern Medusa just throw on a casual-semi formal dress, if you’re going for ancient Medusa, opt for a black witch dress (this will be an extra five to ten dollars if you don’t already have one).

To Maximize the Look: Try applying green scales on your face with this awesome make-up tutorial by Her Campus STU’s own Emily Haggerty here.


Cut-Out Doll(s)

Cost: $5.00

What You’ll Need: White poster board or cardboard, markers or paint, scissors, plain black or white clothing.

To Maximize the Look: Get a group of friends together, and/or apply Halloween make-up to be a scary cut-out doll.


Barbie (and Ken)

Cost: $10.00

What You’ll Need: A large cardboard box, paint, scissors, a blonde wig (optional), girly clothes, high heels, and some ribbon or cloth to tie you in.

To Maximize the Look: Bring along a Ken Doll with you, and/or be a limited edition (i.e Holiday Barbie)



Cost: $5.00

What You’ll Need: 3-4 medium cardboard boxes, a solid color of duct tape, black duct tape (or just opt for paint), black clothing to wear underneath.

To Maximize the Look: Bring along some friends attempt to fit together; attach battery operated bluetooth speakers (like this one here) to your costume, hook up your phone, and play the Tetris theme song.