Women in Engineering: Monica Seshasayee

Why did you choose to do Engineering as a degree?

At school I felt like medicine was pushed and I knew that it wasn't for me. After a few University Open Days I found other options which led me to Electrical Engineering. The great thing about engineering in general is that there are loads of options within the discpline so there is something for everyone.

 How do you feel about being in a male dominated course and field?

I don’t feel like I am a minority in my field as there are some girls on my course and we are all good friends. The guys on the course have been great and are always a good laugh.

You have done internships over the past few years now, how and why did you first get into it?

Its always good to put your learning into practise, and to see what the industry is like and if it is really the career path that you want choose. Also it pays better than a part-time job!To find my internship the university sent emails looking for people to do internships and then I just applied.

 Is it necessary to do an internship?

Its not mandatory but it always helps as when your trying to get a job, employers want experience in the industry.

What have you gained from your internships?

I have gained insight into what the industry is actually like and the workplace environment. Its is invaluable experience.

Why would you recommend engineering to other females?

The field is really interesting believe it or not, and there not enough girls that do it probably because they are intimidated by the ratio of men to women. However, this is the reason why women should go into engineering as employers are always looking for females. There is lots of opportunity to travel and there are a lot of growth prospects such as in Africa, Asia and China to name a few. 

Looking back would you choose a different career path?

No, as there are so many exciting opportunities ahead of me, which I feel I wouldn’t have got with any other degree.