Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party!

As Halloween fast approaches, we've decided to give you our top tips for throwing a spectacularly spooky halloween party for you and your friends!

1. Playlist!

Having the perfect playlist can make or break a party! Head over to Spotify, to check out their Halloween themed playlists! Alternatively, take some inspiration from the list below!

2. Cocktails!

These Martha Stewart Blood Orange cocktails are really quick and easy to make: using 1 and 1/2 cups fresh blood-orange juice (from 7 to 8 blood oranges), chilled and 6 tablespoons of blood-orange liqueur! Combine the blood-orange juice and liqueur in a large pitcher, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, finally, pour into test tubes or small glasses! For more cocktail recipes from Martha Stewart, follow this link!

3. Decorations!

Pick up some decortations from Poundland, eBay, and most Supermarkets!

4. Games! 

Bobbing for Apples is a fun and silly game that can be played at Halloween parties, although it is recommended that each individual uses a fork to get an apple instead of their faces/mouths due to face paints etc contaminating the water!

5. Party Snacks!

Check out Good Housekeeping for some more snack ideas!

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