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Things to do in Switzerland!

Switzerland Trip – Things to Do!

Over the summer I visited Switzerland for a week; now for anyone who suffers from a lack of geography know-how (as I myself am guilty for) Switzerland is located in central Europe and land locked by borders with France in the west, Germany in the north, Austria in the east and Italy in the south.  It is often closely associated with the ideal that it is a land of snow, cheese and chocolate and  is perhaps mostly known as a major tourism destination for skiing as it shares the land mass of the Alps!

However Switzerland has a lot more to offer to us tourists than its Ski resorts so if the bitter cold weather and ski slopes aren’t your thing I’m here to fill you in on a few things you can do while visiting in the summer months!


  1. Visit the Lake

Switzerland’s scenery really is just breathtakingly beautiful.If there’s one thing you need to do while in the country it’s take a trip to one of the many lakes; the exceptionally clear blue waters surrounded by the mountainous views are literally postcard perfect!Despite many people’s perceptions Switzerland experiences great heat in the summer so with temperature highs of over 30 degrees the lake is perfect for a relaxing swim or to sit by and top up your tan while taking in the view! I recommend visiting Lake Geneva, if only I could spend all day every day here! (Picture below).


      2. Do a spot of shopping

Living the Swiss life for a week can punch a hole in your wallet. The general living expenditure is higher than that of the UK so for those of us who are not financially blessed we can be left feeling like we don’t have enough money for activities. Interestingly however the sales in the clothing shops were amazing – we’re talking about mark downs of up to 70% in most popular retailers and smaller boutiques which for any fellow bargain hunters is just a dream!So if you do happen to visit I’d say checking out the sales is a must.


     3. Get involved in the Swiss music scene   

Switzerland has an enormous range of music festivals both international and local throughout the year. The Montreux Jazz festival is a really popular one and over the years has seen the likes of Lana Del Rey and Paolo Nutini perform amongst many other amazing well known and local artists.I was lucky enough to attend the Paleo Festival de Nyon which is a rock festival – and though rock isn’t really my thing – the festival had a really chilled and enjoyable atmosphere!


These are of course just some of things you can do, the country has a lot to offer so if you’re a keen traveller I would most certainly get this beautiful destination on your travel wish list!    

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