Rima Karaki – Inspirational Woman of the Week!

This story has made some major headlines lately! It has been plastered all over different social media sites and this is a story that can’t be ignored!

Rima Karaki became a worldwide sensation last week as she stood up as the face of women all across the world.  This news presenter evidently isn’t afraid of a fight as she started a very heated argument with Hani Al-Seba’i live on the news. Hani was being interviewed about Christians joining extremist groups such as ISIS and things got intense at an incredible pace….

Karaki stood up as the powerful woman she evidently is as she refused to back-down after he disrespected her live on TV by telling her to “Shut Up”, instead she did what any independent woman should do and cut off his microphone when she had had enough…All credit to her, she did amazing! What a woman, she is inspiring, empowering and someone for all girls to look up to! If you have missed it, catch up here : http://www.dailydot.com/politics/female-lebanese-host-cut-mic/?fb=ss&prtnr=MotherJones