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How We Feel About Bake Off’s Great British Break Up

The baking world has seen more drama in the past few weeks than it has in a lifetime.

From Channel 4 buying the rights to format…

To the departure of Mel and Sue. 


Not forgetting the sly move from Paul Hollywood to leave his fellow presenters by moving with the format to channel 4…

This would be enough to give anyone a soggy bottom.

Social media transcended into a warzone as there were mixed opinions when Channel 4 announced they had secured a 3 year contract with the production company behind Bake Off for £75 million.

Many questioned the future of a ‘Bake-Off’ style show continuing on the BBC…

Others thought the new Bake Off would go in a different direction.

The future of the Great British Bake Off is uncertain. Will it be the same on Channel 4? What will the BBC do? All we can hope is that the infamous innuendoes continue to grace our screens.

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