How to Ace Your First Semester Back at Uni

Going to university, whether you are returning for your final year or venturing to uni for the first time, can be overwhelming. Just know that when you find yourself drowning in assignments, additional reading, tutorial prep and all of the studying you need to do, and on the verge of mental break…you’re not alone. We’ve all been there & we are here to help you get through as unscathed as possible with these tips on how to ace your first semester back at university.


Socialise, Socialise, Socialise

We know, you’ve heard this old chestnut a hundred times before, but it is so important to get involved. Societies and clubs are a great way to meet new people with the same interests as you, and having even one friend to share your uni experience with will make those days when you miss home, have a mountain of assignments and just don’t have the funds for another Juicy Tuesday that much more bearable.

Get Yourself A Diary

It’s no secret that the way to stay on top of any significant workload is preparation. So we say get yourself down to Paperchase and invest in a diary. This is a fantastic way to visualise what is due in the coming week and even taking the time to write down each of your upcoming commitments increases the likelihood of you remembering them all for yourself. Having a diary or a calendar will allow you to quickly check when you can squeeze in work shifts, nights out or some me-time – so don’t wait!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Going to university and being surrounded by sometimes more than 200 students in a class, it can seem like you are the only one completely lost in a lecture. We are here to tell you that if you are confused or unsure about something you are being taught, you can bet there are countless others in that room in the exact same situation as you. Don’t be afraid to admit that you are unsure and ask a tutor, lecturer or even a classmate and get your head round the topic as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until you’re doing an assignment or when you’re studying a few days before an exam when that same topic comes up and you don’t have a clue, having to frantically email tutors who are too busy answering other frantic student emails. Stay ahead of the game and your studies at university will be far easier!

It’s All About Balance

If you really want to ace your first semester of university, you’ve got to strike the right work-life balance for you. Uni should be among the best years of your life, and that isn’t because you spend 4 years crying into a laptop - it’s because there are so many experiences and opportunities available to you. So make sure you set aside an appropriate amount of time to your studies and putting in the hard work, but also give yourself some time to have fun and get a well-rounded uni experience.