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HC Strath Campus Celebrity: Matthew

Known for his hilarious chat and distinctive ‘athleisure’ clothing style, this week we introduce you to one of Strath’s finest – Matthew! 

Name: Matthew

Studying: BSc Mathematics and Computer Science

Year: 1

Interests: I compete in Muay Thai, and I like fashion and music.

Interesting fact: I am half Greek and1/8th Chinese

How would your friends describe you in 3 words? Hopefully confident, approachable & funny 

Favourite Glasgow night out destination? Depends on the day, but my favourite night out full stop would definitely be Wednesday night Bamboo. Or Jellybaby – sue me

What has been your most embarrassing moment? When I fell off a treadmill it in front of my full class in school during a gym induction :'(

What is your dream job? Fashion designer, I think.

Who is your celebrity crush? Definitely Nicki Minaj, that’s not up for debate


Quick Fire Qs

Summer or winter? Winter

Brad or Angelina? Definitely Angelina – sorry Brad 

Trump or Clinton? Clinton, by necessity! Who would say Trump?!


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