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HC Strath Campus Celebrity: David!

This week’s HC Strath Celebrity will be a face familiar to many - David!

Name: David

Year: 3

Studying: International Business with Modern Languages

Describe yourself in 3 words. : Beautiful. Talented. Modest

Interests: Eating, drinking, seeing my mates, winding up my girlfriend

Favourite night out in Glasgow: Can't beat Propaganda on a Friday night at the ABC.

Most embarrassing moment: Having to admit to my girlfriend Yvette that the only reason we went to Starbucks for our first date was because I couldn’t remember her name

Fav snack: Doritos

Dream job: Being paid to do nothing.

Celebrity crush: Rachel from Suits, Margot Robbie

Quick Fire Qs

Pizza or Pasta? Pizza

Summer or Winter? Summer

Three things you couldn’t live without? Family. Music. Cider.

Trump or Clinton? Is there a 3rd option?

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