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Fusion Radio Host Caitlin

When did you first get involved with Fusion Radio?

I have been interested in Fusion since I started at Strathclyde but, I didn’t actually sign up until second year. I remember seeing the team at the Fresher’s fair in first year however, I was apprehensive because I didn’t think I would be any good, so I put off joining for ages.

Why did you get involved?

I realised that not joining because I was worried about being rubbish was ridiculous! University is an incredible experience and getting involved can only make it better. Fusion is such an amazing team to be a part of, they give you training and everyone is so friendly. I had nothing to panic about!

What was your role at the time?

I started by producing and presenting my own show called In Town This Week (Mondays 4pm-5pm), where I play songs by bands of all shapes and sizes that are playing live in Glasgow that week. I love In Town This Week because I get to play such a wide variety of music – everything from unsigned Scottish bands playing tiny bars to sell-out acts at Hampden. At first it was quite daunting, the weirdest part is talking to an empty room but knowing people are listening somewhere else! That takes a bit of getting used to, but hosting quickly became second nature.


What is your role now?

I am now on the committee for Fusion as Head of Music, so I have a lot of responsibilities.  The biggest is running one of the flagship shows, the Fusion New Music Show (Thursdays 7pm-9pm). Myself and my Co-host Euan scour the internet every week for all the best new tracks to play, as well as live sessions and features like Video of the Week, Gig of the Week (sponsored by www.ravechild.co.uk) and we have a #BigTopic that gets our listeners involved. You’ll also see me at the socials getting to know all our new members!

Where do you find the bands that you play on the radio?

It sounds ridiculous but I know most of them personally! The music scene in Scotland is pretty tight so once you know a few people you end up meeting loads more. Although, if I want a band on the show and I’ve not got any connections, I’ll either drop them an email or a tweet - social media is a miracle!

Which band was your favourite to have on your show or is there anyone in particular you are looking forward to having?

Most recently on the Fusion New Music Show we had the incredible Bright Young Nights, who are a fantastic band, as well as the nicest and most helpful guests - It’s always better when the bands are chatty and everyone is having a good time. I’m also really looking forward to MADISON, Wolves at Heart, Cherri Fosphate… there’s tonnes! We’ve got such a good line up this semester!

How do you find managing your studies and the radio?

It can be difficult, especially since I’ve just started third year, as the coursework is getting really intense, but as long as I keep on top of it all it’s manageable!

Would you change anything?

I’d maybe ask for our systems to be running a bit more smoothly, we’ve had to cancel some shows recently due to faults with our servers and electrics, it’s a nightmare! But, apart from that, I love it! It’s a lot of time and effort but it’s totally worth it.

Any future plans for Fusion or your show?

Nothing revolutionary planned! We’re always looking for new recruits though. If you fancy joining you can pop into Level 7 of the Union, message us on Facebook (facebook.com/strathfusion) or stop by our studio in the St Pauls Annexe.

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