Early Building Blocks To Success

Strathclyde is considered an innovative university, with its focus on more practical university courses such as engineering, science and business. It makes building blocks to success which are accessible to a wide range of people, and it is about to further enhance its reputation by creating Scotland’s first Children’s University.

The scheme, which is in conjunction with the Glasgow council offers the chance for children aged between seven and fourteen to access educational opportunities they might never have experienced before. It is also linked with cultural facilities like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. As of the ninth of October there were forty school children signed up, a figure that is still set to increase.

The Glasgow Children’s University is a wonderful adventure as it gives the the children a chance to explore higher education. The really great thing is that it gives children who might not otherwise look at university a chance. In an article on the Strathclyde website Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal of the University of Strathclyde and Chancellor of the Glasgow Children's University, is quoted: "The Children's University provides young people with a fantastic opportunity to experience university life and we are delighted to be the first university in Scotland to commit to this exciting opportunity."

It also means they get to further develop their interest in a particular subject which will inspire their imagination, something everyone could use in the new digital age. Therefore it is also a confidence boost as it teaches any child between the age of seven and fourteen they can something at that age we all need to hear.

Look out for children around campus and wonder with them in the academic adventure their embarking on.

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