The Clutch: The Must-have for Spring 2014

The Clutch bag has been all over the runway! Many designers are making it the must-have bag this coming season.

Not only this but you have an array of choices to choose from! Forget boring old block colours why not try a colourful plaid like J.Crew or a Cherckered Clutch.

There is also choice over size such as the Envelope Clutch…which you could easily fit a pair of ballerina shoes in for a night out, in case your feet get sore!

Don’t forget you can also add a touch of elegance to any outfit with the Snap Clutch.

Need a little more convincing that the Clutch is the purse for you?

  • They look modern
  • They are minimal
  • They look unique
  • They are unfussy
  • They are kind to your neck and shoulders
  • They force you to carry fewer items

Why not try it?

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