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City Series: Salamanca, Spain

When many people visit Spain they normally head straight to costa del sol or the large ‘Ciudades’ like Madrid, bypassing the incredible city of Salamanca which has SO much to offer. Often being referred to as the heart of student life in Spain, bragging one of Europe’s most prestigious Universities, it’s also rather aesthetically pleasing with historic buildings left, right and centre! Although it’s small and probably can be covered in 1 or 2 days, the incredible student life, along with the authentic Spanish lifestyle, will make you stay longer.

Top day time activities:

Scala Coeli Torres

This is an incredible view point. A must. In the scorching, Spanish sun or during the evening, you can climb up the bell tour and witness panoramic views of the entire city. It is simply stunning!


Universidad de Salamanca

I understand the last thing a university student wants to do on their holiday is to go and visit another. What could possibly be exciting about visiting another uni? You couldn’t be more wrong. Being the oldest in Europe after Oxford and Bologna, it is stunning and you will most likely find yourself questioning why your university doesn’t match these standards.  


Plaza Mayor

Probably the most obvious point in Salamanca to visit. If you thought the plaza mayor in Madrid was beautiful, this is on another scale. Treat yourself to an authentic paella with a massive jug of sangria at ‘cena’, normally with some Spanish buskers serenading you while you eat! 



‘The Doctor Coctail’

No, I haven’t spelt cocktail wrong. This fantastic cocktail bar is a great place to start the evening. Situated right off of plaza mayor, it delivers some classic concoctions, along with new and unique mixtures. Try the Negroni, the bar tender, Javi, won an award for it! 


The Irish Rover

Can’t go wrong with an Irish Bar! Apparently very popular with student clubgoers, particularly Erasmus students, this place is relatively cheap with great music. To top it off, clubs in Salamanca stay open all night so if you’re having too good a time to go home at 3am, don’t worry you have until 6!


Jacko’s Bar

If you’re a big fan of Michael Jackson, head to the aptly named, Jacko’s bar that is dedicated to the King of Pop. It’s a thriller! Even better, this bar only serves ‘litro’ drinks, so no need to pre-drink! 


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