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Caroline on Disney!

Why did you decide to apply to work with Disney?

I decided to apply for Disney because I love it when I go there on holiday and I wanted to help create memories for other people. Plus my older sister had previously worked there so she encouraged me to apply.

What was the interview process like?

The interview process consisted of one group interview with a few scenario type questions in front of the agency you applied to. The next stage of the interview process was a single interview in front of Disney representatives. Thee questions were again scenario questions, with a few asking about yourself and your CV experience.

What was your position?

The position I was chosen for was Recreation Slide Operator. I was placed in the water park Typhoon Lagoon and helped people on and off the attractions and controlled the attraction as well.

What was your accomidation like?

I lived in a 2 bed apartment/villa with 3 other girls. Transportation to and from work was given to us. Rent was taken out of weakly pay cheque which didn’t leave us with very much, but it wasn’t really for the money I wanted to do it, for the experience. 

Were there any perks that came with the job?

The main perk that came with the job was free access to all the Disney parks for the whole summer, at any time. I certainly abused this!

What did the job teach you?

The job has taught me to be more optimistic about life and that something as little as helping someone can make you feel good. I also learned that American people absolutely love Scottish people and they think we all sound like Merida from Brave. Not all that, I learned about other different cultures and meeting many new people in a strange enviroment.

Would you apply to work with disney again?

I certainly would love to work with Disney again if I was given the opportunity.

Would you do anything differently? 

I think I would try to socialize more and go out experience Orlando more, as I found this very hard to do when I was there last year as I had a lot of early morning shifts.

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