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Campus Style: Butter London Nail Polishes.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Strath chapter.

This is a really great brand of nail polishes and a few of their colors are a definite must have for summer!

What’s great about these polishes is the ‘3 Free Nail Lacquer’ process that they use; meaning that the polishes use No Formaldehyde, No Toluene and No DBP. The polishes are really great and don’t damage your nails, and have a great tolerance for not chipping!

The brand has recently just started selling their products in Boots at around £12 a bottle; whilst it might seem a little expensive you are really getting your moneys worth with them.

Some colors we here at Her Campus Strath would recommend for summer are;

  • Disco Biscuit, a super cute pinky-red polish with some sparkle.
  • Cake-Hole, an awesome bright pink polish.
  • Wellies, for you adventurous types, a bright yellow-lime polish.
  • Macbeth, a lovely coral polish perfect for summer nights.

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Strathclyde University student in Third year studying History.