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Campus Cutie Sabrina

Name: Sabrina 

Age: 23

Year: 4th year

Studying: History

Worst first date:

I once went on this first date where the guy kept on answering the phone when his mum called, and he wanted to hand the phone to me! It was very, very awkward to say the least.   


I’m addicted to watching full TV series! I can not stop watching them and will watch untill I fall asleep. I end up finishing the series way too fast! I also love to go to Zumba, hang out with my friends and go to bars and clubs. 

Where I see myself in 10 years:

I’m actually a little clueless about where I will be in 10 years time as I’m not even sure of which master I want to study after my bachelor. But, I would love to work at a NGO.

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