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Campus Cutie: Charlie

Name: Charlie 

Studying: Law

Year: 2nd

Age: 21

Nationality: German
Hometown: Munich
The perfect date:
Walking through a park, on a warm and sunny day, and later on going to an Italian restaurant.
Wannabe gangsters!

Tousled hair, cute grin and a great personality!

Celebrity crush:

Johnny Depp, obviously!

Perfect male:

Taller than me, brown hair, light eyes, muscular (but not too much), a charming smile, ridiculously funny, talkative and intelligent (so that we can have proper conversations/ debates) Optional: a spanish accent!


Scuba diving, pilates, sleeping, reading, meeting friends, exploring the world!

Things you love or hate:

Pasta! I don’t hate anything really!

Motto to live by:

There can never be too much sunshine for me.


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