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Some are calling it the ‘split of the decade’, whilst others (most notably Adele) simply could not care less. However you see it, Brangelina is officially over – and us gals at Her Campus are shook.

Last week TMZ broke the Internet announcing that the Mr & Mrs Smith lovebirds, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, had filed for divorce after just two years of marriage. In the days since we’ve seen allegations of child abuse, alcoholism and even Brad’s dismissal of Harambe’s death (R.I.P.) as the crux of the divorce.

But as we’ll just have to wait for the multi-million-dollar post-split interview to go live, we thought we would recap on some of our high- and low-lights from the past week following #Brexpitt.


Okay, so what do we know so far?

Brangelina is PR gold. As a brand, nothing negative following Brangelina has hit the media - unless they’ve wanted it to. “Couple goals”, adopted kids and charity work are the Brangelina brand and in regards to the divorce, it looks like their PR team are at it again. What we have so far is speculation, accusations and rumours, and all that has been confirmed is a brief comment from Jolie’s attorney, Robert Offer, that the split is for the “health of the family”. So, does this confirm Pitt’s addiction? Does this mean that the children were at risk? Or does it simply confirm that Jolie had had enough of Pitt’s vegan lifestyle? There are some things we may never know.


Angelina is fighting for sole physical custody of their six children alongside the divorce. ‘What does this mean?’ I hear you ask, well, ‘sole physical custody’ means that the six children would permanently reside with Angelina while Brad would only be given visitation rights if allowed so. Usually this happens when one parent is more capable than the other to provide the parenting necessary. As you can expect, Brad is “outraged” by this decision and sources confirm that he will go above and beyond for this to not go ahead. This legal battle could last for quite some time before a decision is reached, and it seems that they will be the party that comes off worst, regardless of outcome. This argument juxtaposes the divorce, however, as this side of matters does not seem to be in as much of debate. Reps from both camps have released statements that the separation is in the entire family’s best interest. #fwends.


Mainstream media can’t hide their sexism when it comes to JenAn. The moment we know you have all been waiting for, our reflection on the unbelievable, narrow-minded, out-of-date journalism that has surrounded Jennifer Aniston post-split. As IF the happily married, boss-ass female – who is the fourth-highest-paid actress in the WORLD can we add - is really going to be cracking open the champagne and adding Brad back on Facebook. Pull it together; she isn’t ‘Poor Jen’ anymore. Sexism has been more prominent than ever circulating this, especially in progressive outlets that claim to disregard this way of journalism. We wouldn’t be able to count the number of articles published on how Jen has either been showing PDA with current hubby to “hide” her emotions; or how she is wearing certain clothing to send hidden messages; or how she is about to leave poor Justin Theroux for Brad; just Google her name to see it for yourself.


Although on a lighter note, something beautiful has birthed from Jen’s affiliation with Brangelina and it’s quite possibly our favourite thing of 2016…



Jennifer Aniston Meme Day - 20/09/16


Yes, you heard correctly. Since Jen seems to be such a vital piece in the Brangelina puzzle, social media has truly outdone itself this time, and here are some of our favourites that capture it in all its glory.


RT if you can just see Jennifer reacting to #Brangelina like.. pic.twitter.com/FmTiQJYpJj

— Girls be like... (@girlhoodposts) September 20, 2016


All the Team Jennifer's be like... #Brangelina pic.twitter.com/MS55pIZaJw

— Charlotte (@CharFoxSocks) September 20, 2016


People think that this glorious rich woman has been putting her life on hold for a MAN TO GET DIVORCED #Brangelina pic.twitter.com/RdeKqsHwoQ

— Effi Mai (@EffiMai) September 20, 2016


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