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Amy on Modelling!

Q1. Amy how long have you modeled for?

I’ve been modeling for 3 years now, I love it!

Q2. What made you want to model?

Well I was always into fashion and magazines and stuff, I looked up to the likes of Anna Wintour etc. so I knew fashion and modeling was something I was interested in.

Q3. Have you had any success so far?

Well I’ve been in a few local fashion shows where I live and I also organized my school fashion show! I’ve also auditioned for a modeling show, but I’m just waiting to hear back!

Q4. Do you have a boyfriend?

No but you’ll find me on tinder (hahaha)

Q5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Vogue, Cosmo! I would love to be modeling for them one day! And being Americas Next Top Model is the dream!

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