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The 4 Best Places to Enjoy a Gin in Glasgow

1. Gin 71

Being the first proper gin bar in Glasgow, this has every flavour combo imaginable, it is a delight! For a pre-Kokomo sesh or a stylish trip into the Merchant City (where they have just opened a new bar), it is perfect for all you gin lovers!

(Yes, this is gin served in a teapot!)


2. The Finnieston

In a very up and coming area of Glasgow, lies a bar with one fantastic Gin cocktail menu, serving over 60 gins…. Need I say any more?!

3. Alston Bar and Beef

In a very secret location, under Glasgow central station, sits a bar that is perfect for any first date! Flavour combos include: Lemon, mint, green tea and many, many, many more!

4. Brel

In the ever fabulous Ashton Lane in Hillhead, rests a restaurant garden, with great food and outdoor seating. Oh, AND a great, diverse selection of botanical gins! A must in summer!

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