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Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch Determined by Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Extroverts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

ENTJ: House of Cards

ENTJs make the best leaders, and use their confidence and strong imaginations to their advantages, particularly those that go into politics. House of Cards, being about a political revenge plot, would appeal to this group of people by making it easy for them to relate to the characters.

ENTP: American Vandal

As a “whodunnit” style show, American Vandal would appeal to the ENTPs’ intellectual debate-loving personality.   

ENFJ: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Often called “the Protagonists,” ENFJs would greatly appreciate the turbulent story, all of which focuses on the title character, Kimmy Schmidt.

ENFP: Shameless

ENFPs would appreciate the humor that is included throughout the series, and the general hijinx that the Gallaghers end up involved in.

ESTJ: Scandal

As the “executive” of the personalities, I think you would enjoy the politics (and related scandal) that is rampant in Scandal on Netflix.  

ESTP: Disjointed

Disjointed is about a woman running a cannabis store, which would definitely appeal to the entrepreneur in the average ESTP, as well as their edginess.

ESFJ: Fuller House

These kind souls are always willing to help out, and the family aspects of Fuller House will definitely appeal to them.

ESFP: Grace and Frankie

This show is about two older women who love to misbehave, and to me, that really reflects the essence of the ESFP.


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