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Your Guide To Holiday Beauty Sets

Happy holidays Seawolves! The holiday season and the beauty sets that come with is a great time to try a new product, especially if you want to try at a discount before you commit. This is our guide to must have hair and beauty sets you need to add to your cart *asap*

Slip is one of the most regarded silk beauty items. From pillowcases to hair types, from eye masks that protect your lashes to a neck pillow. If you are a hair care connoisseur then you must get these items-thankfully, their holiday kits gives you almost everything you could want. Before I use Slip I used cotton pillow cases and let’s just say bed head hair knots and well hair issues could not have been worse. However the longer I have used my slip pillow cases the better my hair started to look nicer and feel softer in the morning. This is actually something There is no other way to say it- this is a must have. Slip’s pillowcases, scrunched/bands, turban/serves were all voted number 1 in a survey of U.S. hair stylists in 2022

If you have faux lashes or are looking for q lash contour mask their Slip Contour Sleep mask makes room for lashes is a must have as it was designed with eyelash extensions in mind. I am usually not one for sleep masks as they are often too tight but this one, I am happy to say, was 100% completely comfortable.

Their Holiday Collection includes:

The Icons Edit Gifts Set contains a pillowcase, one scrunched, two skinny scrunchies and their slip contour sleep mask. There is a variety of colors available. 

Thier Wanderlust Frequent Flyer Travel Set has everything you need; a neck pillow, a mask and a sleep mask all in silk. 

If you have curly hair you need to check out Zotos professionals. I know I’ve talked about them before but as a curly haired person I know how important it is to get the right type of hair care. If you haven’t tried them before their holiday sets are a perfect time! They have the Deluxe Moisture Starter Kit and Deluxe Moisture Starter Kit. They are four piece kits with both containing a no lather shampoo, my favorite conditioner : the Quenched Cream Conditioner,

Essential Moisture Starter Kit contains the high definition gel and bouncy cream while the Deluxe Moisture Starter Kit has the Lux Leave in Detangler and taming cream, which given the rain thats been occurring and hopefully snow is a must have.

Beachwaver has some amazing products 

If you aren’t familiar with the they sky rocketed into fame because of their easy to use curling iron; you just have to press one button to left or right to get even curls quickly. 

 Their holiday edition is one of my favorites this year the head bands and bows are extraordinarily beautiful. They have a variety of accessories in their holiday line which contains some of my favorite items. 

The Silky Oversized Bow in rose pink, also comes in Bedazzled Black and the Large Velvet Bow in rose pink, which also comes in and black. I will admit I am a sucker for a bow and these have a classic Christmas- think Clara in nutcracker. Easy to clip in and take care of. 

I am absolutely in love with the Faux Pearl Velvet Headband in light pink– I felt l like a princess; theres no other way to say it! 

If you are into 90s aesthetic Beach waver has a fanny pack that has everything hair accessory you could dream of, from clips to hair ties and more. The fanny pack itself comes in two colors: pink & yellow contains items like butterfly clips while the blue & green has rubber bands. In either case the items are super cute. 

Foreo is a well respected skin care tool company. Not only do they have items to help you with dark circles under your eyes but they also help your skin with inflammation and acne as well as sculpting your face and jaw.

Iris, aptly named to help the dark circles under your eyes and let’s face hat who doesn’t need it during or after finals. 

The Bear helps with sculpting by using currents it’s easy to use. It is actually the first FDA cleared microcurrent device with an Anti-Shock System and it works out 69 muscles in your face according to their app. Speaking of their app, not only does The Foreo app allow you to buy items but you customize your settings but it has guided tutorials to help you make sure you are using the device properly.

The UFO /UFO mini is like having a spa treatment in your hand. There are various settings and led lights to help you get the results you want. According to Foreo’s website the UFO mini can actually raise the moisture in your face by 126% in 2 minutes. I personally saw major improvement in my face after using it once. It’s easy to carry around and use in between classes!

 The tools are easy to use and show results rather quickly. They have some great holiday kits.

Bear mini & UFO mini 2 Set contains both devices and their Serum, a hydration boosting and anti-aging serum, as well as six glow addict masks. 

The Bear Set contains Bear and their Serum while the UFO mini 2 contain not just the UFO mini 2 but has over 30 masks including the Coconut Oil Mask, Make My Day Mask and Manuka Honey Mask. 

Kiehl’s has some of the most amazing products! Two of my personal favorites are the hand salve and the Ultra Facial Overnight Rehydration Mask with 10.5% Squalene

Ok so I know it is a long name but it’s worth everything! I’m a huge fan of squalene as it has many different benefits such as strengthening skin, reduces fine lines(who doesn’t need that after finals) and helps with acne prone and eczema prone skin. It’s easy to put on at night and my skin felt so smooth and moisturized quickly I didn’t even need to wait until morning. The 3m4 fl oz container goes a long way to help your skin.

As for the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve it is the best hand product I’ve seen. It not only instantly soothed my dry hands but it transformed them to look moisturized. Long story short- I’m praying they never discontinue it!

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