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Why You Should Love Your Body

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

Your body is beautiful. Every forehead wrinkle is a reminder of a time you smiled so hard. Every scar is a memory of a time you fell but then stood back up. Your body is your own and although at times it can be hard to have a positive self image, there are many reasons why you should love your body every day. 

1. Your body is unique; It’s your own. 

No one person has the same build, the same birthmark or the same body. Everyone has their own body that belongs only to them. It is yours, so you should cherish it. Wear what makes you feel good, eat what you enjoy and do what you love to do. 

2. Your body is strong; It can accomplish the unexpected. 

Your body takes you where you want to go. Your legs can carry you for miles. Your heart beats about 115,000 times per day. Your body can do anything from flex into yoga positions to lift a weight number you did not think you could do. 

3. Your body has accomplished and been through a lot. 

Your body has been there since day number one. It was there when you made the winning goal in a soccer game and it was there when you pulled an all nighter studying for your first college exam. If you’re ever having a rough day, think about all that you and your body have been through and done. You and your body have made it to the top before and you will again. 

4. You’re more beautiful than you think. 

When individuals look at themselves in the mirror, they tend to focus on flaws such as zooming in on a nose they think is too big. But, when others view you, they don’t see physical flaws but instead take in your intelligence, style and personality. This whole picture of you makes you more beautiful than you could ever imagine. 

5. What you see as imperfections are what make you special. ​

Imagine a world where every painting looked the same. There would be no art. Everyone has a dimple that differentiates them and makes them who they are. Remember that there are people who love you because you are you. 

Bodies show signs of our life and that we have lived. Embrace your body and take on the world with it. 


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Linda Jafa

Stony Brook

Biology Major, Writing Minor, Pre-Law Stony Brook University
Her Campus Stony Brook Founder and Campus Correspondent Stony Brook University Senior Minnesotan turned New Yorker English Major, Journalism Minor