Why Rapunzel Should Be Your Social Distancing Icon

So it’s been over a month in quarantine and let’s face it: we’re all slowly losing our minds. I for one am definitely not pulling off the “caterbrows” look and I’m seriously craving some of CPK’s BBQ chicken pizza right about now. But my attitude completely transformed when I came across a bunch of internet tweets making super relatable quarantine memes out of one of my favorite Disney movies, 'Tangled.'

People have pointed out several bizarre connections between Rapunzel’s situation in the movie and our own throughout this epidemic. Of course, there’s the obvious: Rapunzel, having been trapped alone in a tower by Mother Gothel, was basically practicing a form of self-isolation not very different from our own self-isolation practices at home. Just wait, it gets freakier. What was the name of the royal kingdom Rapunzel was taken from? “Corona.” So in other words, a Disney film from 10 years ago basically predicted the coronavirus. It’s safe to assume I was officially spooked.

Woman sitting on a white window sill looking out into the distance

But then it hit me. If Rapunzel can find a way to live her life in a tower for 18 whole years, that too completely alone, why am I complaining about a few weeks of being locked up at home with family? Maybe it’s time we all follow Rapunzel’s lead in regards to making the most out of an unideal situation. And after all, what better person to look to for entertaining ways to pass time during quarantine season? From catching up on household chores to playing guitar and mastering paper mache, the Disney princess offers a whole bunch of ideas all within the opening song!