Why Haven't You Watched These Shows Yet?

When it comes to Netflix or Hulu, you have either binged your favorite shows for 72 hours straight and finished all your typical go-to shows, or it's like the Sahara desert and your watch list is dry. This list is for the moments when you need a new show to get into, but don't want to search for a new one. Some are short series, and easy to follow along. Others are suspenseful and require you to pay attention. I love both, but it depends on how much time I have and what mood I am in. If you find yourself looking for a new show, look no further.

1. Patriot Act: If you are a fan of Hassan Minhaj, you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for something a little educational, but also funny, this show is right for you. This show talks about serious issues, but also putting a comedic spin on it. I always feel like I learn something every episode, while gaining a greater appreciation for Hassan Minhaj and his beautiful sense of humor.

2. American Housewife: This is my current favorite show to watch on Hulu. I would compare it to a sitcom television series. I watched it all during winter break. Instead of a drama filled, tense show, American housewife is light and easy to watch. In terms of intensity, I would compare it to Mike and MollyThe Big Bang Theory, or Modern Family.

3. El Barco: If you like Spanish telenovelas, check out El Barco. Basically, it is about a group of students who set sail for 2 months to become sailors. However, in a turn of events, the world suddenly ends and they are stuck on a boat looking for land. It sounds super scary, but there is a good mix of romance, humor, and drama. The main celebrities are Blanca Suarez and Mario Casas (my absolute FAVES.)

4. Rhythm and Flow: I am normally not a fan of singing contests, but this show hit different. Firstly, it was not a singing competition, but a rap competition. I loved that the judges were famous rappers I follow and keep up with: Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. I personally love Cardi B’s personality, so her comments and random jokes made the show worth it. Some of the guest judges included Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, and Quavo. Secondly, the competing rappers were ALL extremely talented and their backstories are very powerful. There is only one season of this show, but I would definitely watch this show again if there was a second season. 

If you find yourself bored with nothing to watch, I highly recommend these shows to occupy your time. I am always on the constant search for new shows to watch in my free time. You would be surprised by the very different types of shows I watch. Regardless, these four shows have kept me pretty occupied over the last few months.