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As the snow melts off the ground and the weather seems to fluctuate between absolutely freezing and somewhat warmer, all I can seem to think about is updating my spring wardrobe. This is one of my favorite seasonal activities; in with one top, out with another (with an occasional- “wait, I can’t get rid of this”). Here are 5 both online and in person stores to find your style and the cutest trends this Spring.

  1. Cotton On 

Keeping up with all the latest, Cotton On is sure to keep you in the “loop” with the upcoming trends. On top of the statement items that are “in”, I have so many of my basics from this brand, i.e. their plain tees, camis, and even jeans. Their accessories are perfect to elevate any outfit! Their clothing is high quality and comfortable, and will definitely have you forming a cart without even realizing. 

  1. Aerie

All about that “cute but casual” look? Aerie is the perfect place to turn. From lounge sets, workout sets, pajama sets, and basically any form of “set” you can imagine, Aerie has it all. I’m such a fan of their soft fabrics and color selection! This brand will instantly give you that clan, put together look while still making you the most comfortable in the room with any of their matching sets. 

  1. Garage

Talk about keeping up with the trends! Garage is constantly dropping new collections and forming the cutest outfits for anyone to love. I love their Baby Tees, they’re such a staple for me when it comes to warmer weather. The whole store is a win for me. With such great sales, you’re sure to create a cart and be shocked at your savings once you go to checkout. 

  1.   Urban Outfitters

Looking for statement pieces? Definitely turn to Urban Outfitters. Their funky patterns and textures give your wardrobe a pop of color that is perfect for standing out. Taking a look at this store, it’s easy to find a piece that will makes you go “wow”. The attention to detail is totally unmatched. They even have the cutest home decor as a bonus if you’re looking for a slight change in your living space this season! 

  1. PacSun 

There’s nothing like shopping for bathing suits in March; getting that designated drawer or bin stocked up with all of your new swimwear before Summer even begins is that perfect rush to give yourself as the weather gets warmer. PacSun has a great selection of everything- from basics to statements and are always having some form of sale, what’s not to love? 

As soon as we know it, it will be the weather for t-shirts, skirts, shorts… and if we wait a little longer- swimwear. For me, updating a few pieces in my wardrobe as a new season comes in is just another way that I appreciate the days ahead. If you’re ever having a bad day, recently got a paycheck, or just want something to treat yourself, do a little shopping! You deserve it. 

Gianna Perani

Stony Brook '25

Gianna, or "G" to her friends, is a sophomore at Stony Brook University majoring in both Journalism and Psychology. Along with writing being one of her passions, she grew up always wanting to learn and educate. Music is no stranger to Gianna, when Gianna isn't writing, you can find her dancing, singing, and getting involved with all things related. When she isn't writing or dancing, you can find her updating herself on all the latest fashion and beauty news. She loves coffee, cats, and is always down for a good conversation!