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Friendship is supposed to be a beautiful and personal bond between individuals who display mutual affection for each other. Friends support you when nothing else in the world can; the littlest things they say make you smile with joy. But sometimes friendships can turn toxic and the only person who you trusted with your secrets can start to bring you down. Toxic friendships are unrewarding, unsatisfying, draining and mean it’s time for you to break up and for a new beginning.

1. There’s an imbalance in the relationship. 

You are always calling and texting, excited to make plans. You feel like she isn’t as interested or invested as you are. Or, she talks on and on about her life and doesn’t give you any time to tell her about your day or new crush.

2. You feel judged. 

If you feel uncomfortable with being yourself in front of her, then sometime is wrong. If she looks down upon your decisions and opinions, then she is not respecting you and who you are. No one should be trying to change who you embody.

3. The peer pressure is too real. 

Friends who pressure you to do things you aren’t comfortable with should be ditched. Unhealthy peer pressure pushes you to do dangerous things and leads to bad decisions that will be regretted.

4. Negativity surrounds them. 

Being surrounding by a pessimistic person will bring you down and make you unhappy with the little things of life. Strive to be around friends who are positive so that they can always bring you up when you feel down.

5. She won’t leave you alone. 

While a friend who doesn’t want to spend time together is a red flag, so is one who depends on you for everything. A clingy friend is no good and if she needs you to bail her out of sticky situations then you need to find someone else, who will depend on you for the right reasons.

Friends are the people you choose to spend a lot of time with. Make sure they make you happy and support you. If you feel like they are bringing you down, then it may be time to reconsider the situation. Make sure that they are the best friends for you.

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